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Members Corner

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Membership Dues:

There are 3 categories of membership: Chorus/Orchestra/Companion.

Participation Survey

Membership Dues: $100/year.   Members are requested to register via the forms below:

Online Registration Form

Printable Registration Form


Performance Schedule


Music Download

Performers are responsible for obtaining/downloading music prior to attending rehearsals. Onsite printing is often very limited. The music resources will be provided here soon. Bring a 3-ring black binder for your music.

Musicians are expected to provide their own Music Stands at rehearsals.

Music Library

If you have not received credentials to download your music, submit the request below for new credentials. [ Form  temporarily removed ]

Code of Conduct


All performers are expected to attend all reheasals. Exceptions must be approved by Directors and/or section leaders.

Concert Dress Code:

Men – Black suit or tuxedo, white long-sleeve collared shirt, black socks, black shoes and a black bow tie (unless instructed otherwise by Director or Section Leader). No cologne please. Non-odor anti-perspirant acceptable.  Exceptions allowed for medical reasons.

Women – Black blouse with long or short sleeves and long black skirt, slacks, or long black dress (long or short sleeves) and white (faux) pearl necklace.  Please no see through or lacy fabrics, no dangly earrings or flashy jewelry.  Feel free to wear comfy black shoes. No perfume/cologne please. Non-odor anti-perspirant allowed. Exceptions allowed for medical reasons.

In addition, we will wear red, white and blue lapel ribbons and poppies.  If you have a ribbon from past concerts please bring it along, however, we will provide if you don’t have one.  Also if you have a small US flag from previous concerts, please bring that too. You may wear your military uniform.


Full attention is expected at all rehearsals and  performances.
Conversation is to be limited as to only music program development.
There will be no smoking allowed rehearsal and concert locations.

Directors, and/or section leaders are authorized to limit participation of any performer due to abuse of above requirements, without refund.

Comments / Help

Send us your questions and/or concerns via the form below

Last updated 12 August