Our People (At Least Some of Them!)

Elizabeth Aaron – Cello

Eric Aaron – French Horn

Jeff Aaron – String Bass

Steve Arnold, MD – Soloist

Anne Berthold – Trumpet

Bud Berthold – Percussion

Richard Chen, MD – Concertmaster

Susan Davis – Trombone

Mary Anne Francisco – Soprano

Susan Frugoli – Tenor

Phil and Norma Hooks
French Horn, Bassoon

Dick Kuntz – Treasurer, Bass

Janice Kuntz – Soprano

H David Meyer – Oboe
(with Deana Martin)

Collin Miller – String Bass

Elliott Miller – Saxophone

Fatima Peyton – Soprano

Joe Schmucker – Cello

Jody Smalley and
Laurie Stevens – Violins

Kleber de Sousa – Piano

Sam Stern – Clarinet

Angela Tang – Violin

Nicole Tenn-Lyn – Violin

Roger Whitworth – French Horn